What is BidCrane?

BidCrane is a market networking software geared towards facilitating the proportionate use of historically underutilized businesses that are Veteran, Women, and Minority owned across the construction industry. Our platform allows these entities to foster strategic and diverse partnerships with General Contractors, Subcontractors, Material Suppliers, Community Organizations and Owner/Developers alike.

Industry problem

Construction is a trillion dollar industry that has been based on the foundation of great relationships and long-lasting trust. For many years, the only way for entities to establish this type of rapport with each other was to ‘know someone who knows someone’, continuously email or attend numerous outreach events in hopes of connecting with the person that could offer the next bid opportunity. We’ve identified the fact that this conventional way of building a construction business is very time consuming and inefficient making it difficult for historically underutilized businesses to grow. This is an alarming trend, considering millions of dollars in construction contracts that were originally meant to be allocated toward historically underutilized businesses are unclaimed and awarded to companies that make up the majority of the industry. A large reason for this is because many of those companies lack the information, resources, and certifications to qualify for these contract awards. That was the moment BidCrane was born!

BidCrane’s solution

BidCrane has developed a system that allows disadvantaged construction entities of all capacities to find, track, and bid more construction projects, partner with material suppliers, stay up to date on industry events, market trends and grow their businesses through webinars led by successful industry professionals. BidCrane also offers an array of documentation templates that can help with proposals, estimating, bid comparisons, resource management, and more. User profiles on BidCrane also highlight key information needed by potential clients in order to increase prequalification for projects. Half the battle is won by simply creating a profile for your company on BidCrane.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our vision.

Why BidCrane

Our mission is to make Veteran, Women, and Minority businesses more competitive in the construction marketplace. This is an underserved area of the economy that has really been slow to adopt the benefits of using technology to engage “disadvantaged” businesses. We believe our software is simple to use, easily accessible, and has the potential to revolutionize the way business relationships are formed in construction.

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